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6 Fantastic Perks of Becoming a Professional Organizer

organizing business professional organizer professional organizing career Oct 20, 2022
Professional organizer

Have you considered becoming a professional organizer?

Why not?

You find satisfaction in creating a clean and tidy space; people often come to you for advice on how to declutter and get their lives in order, and the Monica in you doesn't miss a chance to organize stuff wherever she can!

A professional organizing career invites you to perfectly utilize your skills while achieving gratification from helping people who aren't organized by nature.   

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, read on to discover what perks you can expect after becoming a professional organizer.

6 Fantastic Perks for Professional Organizers

Below are a few ways a professional organizing career will reward you.  

1. A Booming Industry With Lots of Opportunities

Professional organizing is a growing industry, and there is a lot of demand for organizers who can help people declutter their homes and offices. You can easily make a good living helping people get organized.

Leading a fast-paced lifestyle, most people have to deal with a cluttered desk, crammed closet, and a garage full to the brim. Some think about getting organized but don't know where to start. Others may have tried to get organized in the past but have never been able to stick with it.

Several high-net-worth individuals also opt for professional organizing services to keep their offices and homes clutter-free and clean.

In short, you can easily have a jam-packed schedule as a professional organizer if you market your services right.

So, if you're looking for a career with stability and growth potential, professional organizing may be the perfect choice for you!   

2. Save the Clients' Day

A cluttered space and lack of organization can limit an individual's ability to achieve daily goals. It also messes with their mental health, affecting their sleep, focus, and anxiety levels. And when they're constantly searching for misplaced items, it takes up valuable time that could be spent on more important tasks.

In worst-case scenarios, people's jobs and relationships compromise because of their disorganized nature.

As a professional organizer, you'll take pride in saving your clients' day (and sanity) by helping them get their space in order. You'll create a system that works for them and teach them how to maintain it to stay organized long-term.

By revealing a clean, tidy space for your clients, you'll give them a chance to feel refreshed and motivated to take on the world. Not only is a clean room visually appealing, but it also makes a person feel more productive and efficient.

3. A Sense of Fulfillment Like No Other

The job of professional organizers goes beyond decluttering and putting things in the right places – you'll actually make a difference in your clients' lives.

You may come across people with chronic disorganization or other disorders that keep them from staying tidy – and they'll be thankful for your services beyond your imagination.

No matter how simple or complicated an organizing task is, you'll always feel accomplished and fulfilled after ticking it off. More importantly, the results of your hard work will be right in front of you.

Even if your only target for the day is to organize a client's closet, you'll always have a new task to look forward to.   

4. Every Day Brings a New Challenge

No matter how fascinating your organizing skills are, you'll be surprised how much there's to learn once you start offering your services to clients.

People would see you as a problem solver. You'll be excited to discover the challenge each time you sign a contract. You'll expand your knowledge base, polish your coordinating and time management skills, and learn new organizing tricks one space at a time.    

Each task will bring forth a few obstacles, pushing you to step out of your comfort zone and unleash your creativity to work your magic.

5. Control Over Your Career

If you have a knack for organizing stuff, you don't necessarily have to do it as a full-time career. Many professional organizers offer their services part-time and treat this job as a side hustle.

Depending on your career goals, you can either work as a freelancer or start a small business to monetize your hobby and passion.  

6. You'll Never Regret Your Decision!

When you do something you're naturally good at and passionate about, there's no way you'll regret it!

If your decision to start an organizing business comes from a genuine interest in keeping things tidy and clutter-free, it'll be the best thing you could do.

I mean, you're good at organizing, and you do it every day with all your heart. Why not start profiting from it?  

Final Words

A professional organizing career isn't only in-demand and profitable, but it also teaches you valuable life skills and allows you to give back to the community.

Besides, you'll work with different people in various settings, helping them eliminate the accumulated mess and create an organizing system for managing clutter going forward.

So, what are you waiting for?

It's time to turn your organizing obsession into a profitable career!

Watch this space for valuable insights into the industry and helpful organizing tips and tricks to establish yourself as a pro organizer in no time.

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